The festival season is on!

The music is terrific, the food is exquisite and the lines are tolerable. There’s even toilet paper in the lavatory! Everything is laid out for a fantastic festival, but how to enjoy concert after concert if the ground is dirty, wet and some times quite steep? 

Gigseat is the answer

Gigseat is made for festivals. Whether the surface is flat, uneven, dirty, wet or quite steep, you will be able to find comfortable seating positions.

  • Low weight
  • Takes up little space at the arena and when stored
  • Put your drink safely in the drinking hole and keep it safe from spilling

Gigseat® is designed and produced in Norway. it is very durable and made to enjoy concert after concert, year after year!

Good for the guests – good for the organizor – good for the sponsor

– When I first got to know the concept I immediately saw the potential. Gigseat is practical and has a good design. More importantly, it is easy to handle and maintain. We have used our at seats at various events for three years in a row now and none of them have been discarded! 

CEO in Pro Sec Professional Security, Henning Kristiansen

Gigseat for rent at events

Gigseat is not only convenient for the festival audience. For the event organizer, gigseat provides a perfect item to rent out, just like they do at OverOslo, a festival held at Grefsenkollen, overlooking the capital of Norway, Oslo. Perfect in the natural amphi theatre at this beautiful venue, where both the music and the view make magical moments.

– With gigseat we now offer more comfort for our audience. together with our partner, Pro Sec Professional Security we offer gigseat for rent by the main gate. Last year (2016) all our seats were gone by four in the afternoon, every day at the festival, so people surely enjoys this opportunity to sit comfortably! This year we have bought twise as many seats to meet this need – says the festival leader of OverOslo, Torkild Gundersen.

Gigseat used in marketing

The very idea of a festival seat was conceived at the Parkenfestivalen in Bodo. Here you may rent a gigseat at the arena. In addition, one of the main sponsors of this festival have invested in their own mini seating system of gigseats, perfect whenever you would like to sit down and relax. Available for anyone and at a very visible spot close to the sponsor’s own stand.

– Gigseat is perfect for profiling and we look forward to use it at events we sponsor. We are proud to invest in a product from Bodo!

Olav Angelsen, Sales Manager in Bodø Energi AS

Gigseat stand

An abundance of opportunities

Gigseat is a unique marketing product. You may order gigseat with your own logo sticker. The professional customer may even buy gigseat in their own logo color. The seats show well and they do note easily tear or break. They are meant for reuse, in winter as well as in summer!

  • The sponsor may use and reuse gigseat for profiling purposes. Plus offering comfort for guests and audiences!
  • The event organizer may offer gigseat as a rental service, a good benefit for future events.
  • The audience can finally focus on the event with less concern for getting wet, dirty and tired. 

Like this young festival audience said:

 “This is simply genious! No more spilled bear and no more backache!”

Pro Sec AS took part in the development of gigseat to ensure that this product fulfills important security requirements.


  • is unbreakable
  • is non-flamable
  • has low weight
  • is very visible
  • is easy to stack and store

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