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How much is a gigseat?

The recommended retail price for a gigseat is 599,- NOK. Our webshop serves Norwegian customers only, but see ‘International Sales Partners’ (link) to find your nearest retailer. If none are relevant, please get in touch with us (link) and we will try to help out!

What colours can I choose between?

We have nine colours in stock. See our webshop for further details.

Where can I buy gigseat?

See ‘International Sales Partners’ (link) to find your nearest store.

Is there no one where you live? Please, give us a hint on where you want to buy gigseat and who we should to ask to become a gigseat retailer!

How do I move the plug to the other side?
What is gigseat made of?

Gigseat is made of 100% recyclable, plastic materials. See product information on “our story” for more information.

What is the weight of a gigseat?

Gigseat weighs one (1) kilogram. Due to its design and high quality of materials, gigseat can hold many hundred kilograms of weight. It does not break!

Is gigseat recyclable?

Of course, gigseat is 100% recyclable and we are constantly seeking to use materials that are environmentally sustainable. We hope you will enjoy your gigseat for many years and when it is time to let go, always remember to recycle!

Is gigseat made of recycled plastics?

Until now, gigseat is not made from recycled plastics, but the environmental authorities in Norway strive to enable a better system for reuse of plastic and we keep a close eye on all such opportunities! The raw materials we use can all be recycled so we do hope to offer recycled gigseats in the future.

Where is gigseat produced?

Gigseat is produced in Norway, more specifily at Nordic Comfort Products AS, Hemnesberget, see (link!). The smaller parts are being produced at Lycro AS (link).

Where can I use gigseat?

Outdoors – at the beach, in the park, in the boat, on vacation, on wet and dirty benches, on sand, stone, wet grass, in the snow… You tell us! See Instagram #gigseat for inspiration and examples!

Is gigseat useful indoors?

Yes! In sports halls, on the floor, in the gym or any situation where there is little else to sit on, gigseat offers an alternative. It is already being used in libraries, schools and kindergartens. Some people also find gigseat useful in existing furniture. If the sofa or chair is too soft, you may feel that gigseat provides steady comfort and support for your lower back and thighs.

Is gigseat any good in cold weather and on snow?

Yes, gigseat is made of thermoplastics and will not break even if you use it in the snow. On the contrary, gigseat makes you dry and comfortable no matter the surface. Gigseat does not keep you warm if the ground is cold, so bring an insulation mat if you plan to dit outdoors in cold weather!

Would colours fade in sunlight?

No, the colours will endure many years of direct sunlight and normally, this item will be stored inside between uses. The colours are made of high quality, just like the rest of this product.

Does gigseat float on water?

No! gigseat does not float and must never be used as a floating device!

Is there more than one size of gigseat?

For the time being, one size fits all. Keep posted, small and/or large size is not a bad idea…

Does gigseat keep me warm?

Gigseat will keep you dry and clean, but if the ground is cold, gigseat will not provide insulation.

How can I carry gigseat?

gigseat weighs only one(1) kilogram and you may carry quite a few seats at the time and by the hand for short walks you may put gigseat under your backpack. It will stick without straps of any kind. for longer walks you are advised to fasten gigseat onto your backback or, if the backpack is large, you may put the seat(s) inside it.

Watch this video for a better look.

Do you have a discount for large orders?

Discounts are limited to campaigns if you are a private end customer. If you are looking for distributor prices, please fill in this form (link).

What is Gigseat Allround (also known as Gigseat Ergonomic Outdoor Seat)?

This single seat is meant for both private and professional use. See instruction videos here.

What is gigseat Amfi (also known as Gigseat Outdoor Seating System)?

This version is meant for professional use only. Each seat comes with two holes in each side of the seat and a combination unit enables you to form a seating system. See instruction video here.

What is the difference between gigseat Allround and gigseat Amfi?

The two versions are the exact same size and have the exact same qualities in design and materials. Whereas Gigseat Amfi can form a seating system due to the combination unit, Gigseat Allround cannot be linked together. Gigseat Allround provides more individual freedom on how to sit and where to place the seat, whereas Gigseat Amfi gives the event organizer more freedom to form a fixed seating system in no time. See demonstration video here.

How can I become a retailer for gigseat?
Can I order gigseat in my own logo colour?
What are the logo stickers made of?

The logo stickers you see on all our images are laminated to endure outdoor use.

Can I mark my logo onto the seat itself?

No, this is not an option, but we do offer logo stickers that are meant for outdoor and rough use.

How do I stack and store gigseat?

Gigseat may easily stack and store due to its intelligent design. You can leave it outdoors without any risk of damage, you can hang it on a hook or store large quantities on Europallets (4-500 pieces).