Our story…

…starts with a simple question: How can we sit more comfortably outdoors?

We have strived to make a compact and durable product with a classic and intuitive design. Whether the ground is flat, uneven or quite steep, gigseat provides comfort and relaxation. Gigseat can be used on both sides, depending on the terrain gradient.

A triangular and removable plug in the back prevents the seat from sliding and provides a friction against the ground. At the other end, a hole in the seat provides a convenient drink holder. You may carry gigseat by hand or on your backpack. 

see our user videos.

This all-season seat can be used on most natural surfaces such as sand, stone, grass and snow. Due to the plug and the shape of the seat, gigseat will provide a comfortable spot in terrain as steep as to 25 degrees. Gigseat comes in two versions, with and without connetion units, and may easily form a seating system for large audiences too!

It all started out as a seat meant for festivals, but very soon gigseat turned out to fill other needs, individual as well as public. End consumers love to use gigseat at the beach, in the park, by the bonfire…  In addition to event organizers, gigseat is sold to schools, kindergartens and sports venues.

Awards and international recognition

gigseat was presented to festival audiences in june 2014 and it did not take long before other segments, b2b and end consumers, started to ask for this product in other situations.

In 2015, we entered gigseat in the red dot awards, one of the world’s largest and most important design awards. In competition with nearly 5000 products from 56 different nations we received two awards, in the categories “sports and outdoor equipment” and “urban architecture and public spaces”.

Since then, gigseat has been presented at three large, international exhibitions:

  • The xiamen International Design Business Week – Red Dot in China 2015
  • OutDoor Friedrichshafen 2016
  • ISPO Munich 2017

In this relatively short time and with little resources, we have met with thousands of people; event organizers, buyers, distributors, retailers, producers, designers and end consumers of all ages and ethnicities. The general impression is surprisingly unison, no matter the age, sex, ethnicity or professional role: “Genious! How come no one has invented this before?!

The design process

How can we sit more comfortably at outdoor events? 

Being unable to find an existing solution to this universal need, Marianne Texmo, a former highschool teacher, took a leap into the world of functional design and invented gigseat. Her design team (Carl A. Nørstebø, Carl-Gustaf Lundholm and Audun Sneve) has strived to make a compact, durable and strong product with a classic and intuitive look.

Originally, gigseat was made for festivals and natural amphi theatres, but eventually, this simple item has become relevant in all sorts of situations, even indoors!

We are proud to say that Gigseat is invented, designed and produced in Norway, a country known to be wild and spectacular, a perfect playground for all kinds of outdoor activities.

Design, functionality, quality and playfulness has been cricial keywords during the development process. We are delighted to see that gigseat is met with enthusiasm among toddlers as well as teenagers, Americans as well as Asians. The intuitive and playful design of Gigseat makes it a product of global reach.

spirits and policy of gigseat

We are proud to say that gigseat is invented, designed and produced in Norway, a country known to be wild and spectacular, a perfect playground for all kinds of outdoor activities.

Our ambition is to make outdoor events even better and more attractive to the audience as well as offering a simple and sustainable profiling product for event organizers and sponsors. 


We take great pride in making a sustainable brand of high quality. We prefer sustainable and durable materials of the highest quality, environmental-friendly production and cost-efficient distribution. Equally important for our brand are the long-term relations we aim to make with our sales partners and our customers.

Norwegian quality

…from the very idea to production.

Our main manufacturer, www.ncp.no, is an international supplier of high quality, injection molded plastic furniture. The smaller parts are made at an equally experienced manufacturer, www.lycro.no, Norway.

Local production enables us to keep a close eye on quality control through personal relations, tests and regular meetings. Together with our manufacturers, we strive to make cost-efficient and environmental-friendly products, today and for the future. We care about our environmental footprints and aim to keep updated on 

Norwegian production also enables us to offer corporate customers tailor-made series of gigseat, in the preferred colour (RAL-codex) and in relevant volumes (a few hundred seats).

Instead of posters on the wall, why not invest in gigseats for your audience as a poster-on-the-ground? Ask us for prices and availability!

High Quality Components

The seat is made of polypropylene thermoplastic, recognized for its’ combination of strength and flexibility. The plug is made of DuPont(r) Hytrel, a thermoplastic elastomer commonly used in shock absorbers, snow shoes, buckles and straps. All materials are 100% recycable, of course.

Fun facts

Did you know that…

… gigseat was originally made for use at festivals?!

By now, gigseat has proved to be useful in a number of ways, including indoor use and use on flat surfaces. We are thrilled to hear about new needs and new uses for gigseat!  post images on Instagram #gigseat or get in touch with us directly for new ideas!

… gigseat is developed and produced in Norway

The inventor, marianne texmo (born 1970) is a woman and originally a devoted highschool teacher. Back in 2012, she was sitting on yet another festival, determined to have a good time, but struggling to find a good position in the park. She never dreamt of becoming an entrepreneur, but when she googled to find an item to solve the problem of sitting comfortably in hilly terrain, there was none! The rest is history and today, Marianne works full time to spread the gospel of gigseat on a global scale!

Proud to invent a totally new, yet very versatile and universal product, Texmo chose to invest in renowned designers, the best materials and Norwegian production to ensure overall quality. Learn more about our great designers at EGGS design and Minoko design.

… gigseat may be used in three positions. If not more.

Originally, gigseat was made to provide comfort in hilly and uneven terrain, but our customers eagerly went on to use it elsewhere too! For instance, the seat was not meant to be used in upright position. In this position, your own body weight pushes the seat towards your spine and thus provide you with full back support, whether the ground is flat or uneven. Stable, but not stuck, this position provides a comfortable rocking seat.

… if you do not want to carry gigseat by the hand, you can put it under your backpack

This was never part of our masterplan since gigseat was originally meant for event organisers and not for trekking and hiking. Today, people use gigseat in their boat, on the beach and in the park, so if your backpack is less than 35 litres and the content is not too heavy, this is a perfect way to carry gigseat. We have tested this on more than 500 different backs and backpacks, in Norway, Germany and China.

… gigseat is useful in the boat

On deck, at the thwart or even in the cockpit of a kayak!