Large audiences or small groups – gigseat provides comfortable seating so that people can enjoy what they came to see!


Gigseat is available in many colors, convenient at large events. You may differentiate prices according to where the seats are placed. Just like in any indoor theatre.


Gigseat is a comfortable convenience for any audience. For the event organizer, this seating system requires very little organizing and maintainance. In few minutes, gigseat is cleaned, stacked and stored, ready for a new setting and a new gig!

kindergartens, schools and libraries

  • Perfect for activities and events in libraries, schools, kindergartens and museums
  • Easy to handle, stack and store
  • Different positions depending on the situation
  • Easy to implement in existing facilities and according to the venue’s identity
  • Gigseat makes you pay attention in a playful way

customized version – for sponsors and corporations

Professional customers may customize their order to get gigseat in their own logo colors. A great relief for any audience, a great gift for any employee.


  • Perfect to show your identity and a great way to show your identity as a company!
  • Reusable and recyclable, of course!
  • The international RAL-system provides a large range of optional colors. Please get in touch for advice and requests!

Curious to know more about gigseat?

see the technical specifications or look at our videos.